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Category Entry Fee
Challenge Solo Men R2 450.00
Challenge Solo Women R2 450.00
Category Entry Fee
2 Man Challenge R4 700.00
2 Person Challenge R4 700.00
Category Entry Fee
2 Person Relay Option 1 R3 150.00
2 Person Relay Option 2 R3 150.00
Category Standard Entry Fee
4 Person Relay R3 750.00
Category Entry Fee
Half Men R1 350.00
Half Women R1 350.00
Team of 2 Half R2 500.00
Half Gravel Bike R1 350.00

There are many similarities between cycling and investing. Both require focus, dedication, passion, preparation and hard work in order to achieve success. The event provides an opportunity for riders to participate in this exciting race, whether competing alone, as part of a team or in a relay. At the same time, this event allows us to give back to the local community. As a South African asset management firm, our business is investing in South African companies. It is therefore in our best interests to do what we can to ensure the continued success of our country. Contributing to charity and assisting local communities is an essential component of nurturing sustainability in South Africa.


“36ONE Asset Management”

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