361 degrees
361 kilometers
36.1 hourschallenge accepted


Saturday Evening Steak Dinner

Completing 361km or even 180.5km in one go is no easy feat! Even with Dryland’s amazing water points taking care of you throughout the route, you will finish hungry.

Riders and supporters can purchase tickets for Saturday evening’s scrumptious steak dinner, which includes a glass of wine and coffee, for only R180.00 per person.

Dinner will be available from 18:00 to 21:00. You can add these tickets to you online profile here .

Rapid Recover

Rapid Recover is a leading, scientifically and medically proven dynamic compression system for recovery and rehabilitation.

The system increases circulation in the limbs to rapidly remove inflammatory fluids and allow much needed rich blood and nutrients back to those areas that are required for restoration and repair.

A compression system is used which applies specific sequential pressure to the selected areas of the body improving circulation.

Rapid Recover supports a multi-chamber massage compression unit to ensure optimal circulation.

Rapid Recover also supports a broad range of pressure options to support a variety of treatments. Please feel free to visit their website at Rapid Recover for more information.


Cycling Jersey Jacket
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Cyc Jersey Down Jersey

Fleece Jacket Buff
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Fleece Buff

Cap Supporter T-Shirt
R250 R300
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